sunset Santorini

Where to see sunset in Santorini

The unique color combinations as the sun sinks into the blue of the Aegean compose a romantic scene that touches every visitor.

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Greek Nights

Greek Nights Full of Fun and Romance

If you are looking for endless nights full of energy, dance and fun, Greece is the perfect place to be!

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Choose Greece

Be It A Weekend Retreat or Lengthy Holidays, Choose Greece!

Greece is a top holiday destination, both for travelers who have got lots of days…

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Greek Breakfast

Greek Breakfast: Good Morning in a Healthy and Tasty Way

It is a wonderful thing to wake up with the smell of fresh coffee…

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Cycladic Architecture

Cycladic Architecture of Wonder Makes the Ultimate Holiday Setting

As soon as you have visited Cyclades, you fall in love with its distinctive architecture…

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Water Sports

Water Sports and Unforgettable Moments by the Beach

Summer in Greece and especially in Cyclades is magical! Santorini boasts having…

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Sailing Tours

Sailing Tours Shaping Exquisite Memories

When you visit Cyclades, you instantly realize that this is a wonderful experience…

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Spa Treatments

Surrendering to the Top Spa Treatments

During holidays, everyone wants to relax and get away from the problems and the stress of daily routine.

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Akrotiri Excavations Bring to Life A Magnificent Civilization

The ongoing excavations held at the region of Akrotiri have revealed a well hidden treasure…

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