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A cosmopolitan beach awarded the Blue Flag

Kamari is a cosmopolitan beach on the southeast of Santorini, which has been awarded the Blue Flag. It’s a beach with black colored pebble and the water looks crystal clear. Kamari beach is fully organized offering umbrellas and sunbeds.

The longest beach of the Santorini island

Kamari beach is the longest beach on Santorini island. The beach extends in a northeast to southwest direction from Monolithos to the feet of the Mesa vouno mountain that rises up to a height of approx. 400m, being Santorini’s second-highest peak. Once an agricultural and fishing village, modern Kamari boasts a thriving tourist industry, offering a wide choice of accommodation, restaurants, cafes, bars, and night clubs, plus water sport activities and a diving center where even if you are a beginner you can get lessons and do an actual dive.

Ancient Thira

If you prefer dry land and archaeology, you are within walking distance of ancient Thira. The archaeological site of Ancient Thira is open daily except for Mondays from 08:30 am until 14:30 pm. The most important monuments of ancient Thira are the Church of Agios Stefanos – Early Christian Basilica, Temenos of Artemidoros, Basilike Stoa, Theatre, Sanctuary of Apollo Karneios, Gymnasium of the Ephebes, Sanctuary of Egyptian gods.

Things to Do in Kamari

  • Visit Ancient Thera
  • Swim and relax to Kamari Beach
  • Watch a nice movie outdoor in the summertime at the local movie theater
  • Book a private tour in Santorini
  • Book a wine tour and taste the experience
  • Book a food tour and enjoy all the facts about local gastronomy
  • Explore the underwater world with scuba and snorkeling
  • Book a day trip and discover the wonders of Santorini
  • Have great fun in Kamari beach using the latest equipment from the international range of water sports

Makris Hotel Kamari is just a breath away from the Kamari beach and offers the optimal accommodation in Santorini


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