Santorini is a beautiful island in Greece, known for its stunning sunset.

If you’re someone who can never see enough pretty sunsets, then looking forward to visiting Santorini for this reason alone. Sunset in Santorini!

Santorini will show you the evening her secret weapon! Will get out of hand and will lead in Oia, moments before the sunset, and there will let you admire the endless horizon unfolds before you with a fiery red sun “sinks” somewhere in the Aegean depth! The Sea loses its blue color and becomes reddish, like volcanic lava that was created!

It is time that the streets of Oia are filled with people from all over the world to see the sunset from Santorini. The ruins of the castle of St. Nicholas, the churches, and the roofs are their usual destination. There, at the sight of the sun sinking, the atmosphere looks dreamy.

The unique color combinations as the sun sink into the blue of the Aegean compose a romantic scene that touches every visitor.

a romantic scene that touches every visitor

Oia sunset Santorini

Oia is located in the north of the island, 11 km away from Fira. It is famous for its sunset. Although the mileage was closer than the other places we went, it was the most difficult route due to speed and altitude. Thus, the bus took 40 minutes somewhere about these kilometers.

Oia was one of the five castles of Santorini (castle of St Nicholas). The settlement was at its peak in the late 19th and early 20th-century thanks to shipping, transit trade, and agriculture.

Oia offers countless other places to enjoy the colors of the sunset, corners with much fewer crowds, and 100% magical views! Seek your own!

Akrotiri Lighthouse

Enjoy the famous sunset from the Akrotiri lighthouse! The view is unique and you see the whole island and Oia in the distance, with the sun dipping into the sea! The crowds are much less than in known hangouts.

The Akrotiri Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful in the Cyclades. Constructed in 1892 by the French Company of Lighthouses. The tower height is 10 meters. Renovated in 1925, it ceased operations in the Second World War and became operational again in 1945 was electrified in 1983 and was automated in 1988. South of the lighthouse there is an anchorage sheltered from the northerly winds.

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