The world-renowned Greek Breakfast

It is a wonderful thing to wake up with the smell of fresh coffee and baked pastries of heavenly taste! This is what you are going to get, should you decide to try out the world-renowned Greek Breakfast. A plethora of homemade delicacies made of the finest ingredients are laid in front of you, tempting you to grab a bite! And the most important of all; Greek breakfast is a healthy way to kick-start your metabolism and get full of energy and happiness!

Santorini, local products of great quality

In Santorini, there are quite many different local products of great quality. The medium-sized tomato and the soft, white cheese varieties, the fresh vegetables, and the extra virgin olive oil are all combined superbly. The outcome is simply amazing: you can experiment with Greek yogurt topped with local honey or homemade jams, spinach pies and salads, spoon sweets, and traditional recipes such as rice pudding and small fried balls of tomato, cheese, etc. Whether you are fond of sweet or sour flavors, there is something that will make your mouth water and will surprise your palate.

Makris Hotel, hearty and delicious breakfast

It has been proven that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It keeps you going till lunchtime and it offers you the nutritional value you need for energy. You can swim and stroll up and down the winding pathways of Santorini for hours, have fun and explore the mainland, after having enjoyed a hearty and delicious breakfast, as Greeks do! Try it out at Makris Hotel and you will be delighted with your choice!

breakfast is the most important meal of the day

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