Akrotiri is a well-hidden treasure of the prehistoric civilization in Santorini

The ongoing excavations held at the region of Akrotiri have revealed a well-hidden treasure of the prehistoric civilization in Santorini (Thera). This settlement has been among the most important and prestigious locations in the Aegean Sea and the known world back in the 20th century BC. As the findings highlight, there are a plethora of items from the daily life of the inhabitants of Akrotiri that prove the acknowledgment that the civilization that thrived in the area was not insignificant. What is more, the perfectly organized structure of the buildings and the developed drainage system, as well as the frescoes found and the decorations enriched with imported items from other areas all point out that Akrotiri was in fact a great location at the time.

Continuous earthquakes

Akrotiri ceased to be inhabited due to the continuous earthquakes dating back to the 17th century BC. As it has been reported, the population of Akrotiri had managed to flee from the settlement prior to the grave destruction that followed the volcanic eruption and the following earthquakes and tsunami. Indeed, there are no human remains found during the excavations at Akrotiri and this is the most eloquent proof that the people have been warned and thus they had not been taken by surprise. However, there are abundant findings revealing that the people had intended to return to Akrotiri after the earthquakes. Among the ruins, there have been a lot of protective measures taken for preserving all the buildings and the precious belongings intact.

The Archaeological Site of Akrotiri

Even though the volcanic eruptions had made the settlement impossible for the earlier inhabitants to come back and populate the same place, they have been beneficial towards maintaining everything safe and protected from the centuries that would otherwise ruin the findings. So, there is a lot to see at this Archaeological Site. It is certainly a great excursion and it will offer you the opportunity to explore the greatness of an old settlement that used to be prosperous and in fact one of the centers with the largest power in the Aegean. Akrotiri in Santorini is waiting to reveal its ancient secrets to you!

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