Makris Hotel

Distances From Makris Beach Hotel to Santorini Main Sights

Santorini is an awesome island, full of places to visit. We calculated for you …

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5 Reasons to choose Hotel Makris in Santorini

The main reasons to choose Makris Hotel in Santorini for your holidays are…

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Η Σαντορίνη την Άνοιξη

The Landscape of Santorini in Spring Guide: 5 Reasons to Visit

Santorini in Spring is a magical time to be on the island, and just as nature…

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Santorini Travel Tips: 28 Things You Need to Know

We have collected 28 Santorini travel tips on everything about the island …

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4 Ideas for an Unforgettable Wedding in Santorini

If you are dreaming of an unforgettable wedding, what better destination than…

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Romantic Santorini

Santorini, Romantic Experience! Santorini, this former volcanic island offer amazing views from the caldera, unique sunset from Oia…

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5 Μagnificent Εxcursions on Santorini

Santorini Wine Adventure, Private Custom Tour: Santorini in a Day, Sunset Cruise, Volcano Hiking…

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Awesome! The Top 9 Things to Do in Kamari, Santorini

The holidays are wrapping up and if you’re in Kamari, Santorini, you’re probably…

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Christmas in Santorini: a few miscellaneous things

Lets look at a few miscellaneous things for the way of experiencing Christmas in Santorini.

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