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get-introduced-perfectly-flavoured-wines-originating-santoriniWine from Santorini, unique fragrance and rich taste

The soil in Santorini is truly special, due to the rich volcanic activity and the limited rainfall and humidity all year around. Even though at first such specifications were regarded as obstacles, in reality they have been responsible for some really wonderful ingredients that are only produced on the island of Santorini. Among the most distinctive local produces, wine is world renowned for its unique fragrance and its rich taste. A lot of traditional wineries have mastered the art of wine making, fully complying with the climatic variables and the ecological needs in the region.

Explore the fascinating world of traditional wineries

There are frequent wine tasting guided tours held for guests in the island of Santorini, where visitors can get the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of winery. Oenotourism has become truly treasured among all wine lovers, since there is the option of learning more details about how the local wines are produced underground in natural caves with the proper humidity and temperature resulting in the optimal outcome. If you get to visit the wineries, you will be welcome to join the producer in a journey back in time. You will find out more about how the wine ages and gets prepared for the bottling. Assyrtiko and Vinsanto are just samples of the tremendous varieties that you can taste in these wineries. The former is a young white wine that can accompany all meals splendidly, while the latter is a sweet fruity flavoured wine that is idyllic for dessert and cheese plateaus.


Wine Museum

There is a Wine Museum named Koutsoyannopoulos that you can visit, so that you can see with your own eyes the caves in which the marvellous local wine is produced. Wine tasting is also available there, as well as local products for sale. Santo Wines, being the union of Santorini cooperatives in wine, is another great place to visit and discover the hidden treasures of the nectar of the Gods! So, schedule your visit and make the most out of your guided tour throughout the centuries of wine making and the details that have made these varieties so popular all over the world!

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