Santorini, find hidden treasures

Santorini is a wonderful place with rich history and majestic landscapes for you to visit. However, there is another field in which you can find hidden treasures and get carried away by the superb character and the special qualities that you are going to find in Santorini. To be more specific, there are quite many wonderful recipes based on the most splendid ingredients found only in this particular place. So, if you are intrigued by a culinary journey to some of the most authentic flavors and aromas that you have ever come across, Santorini is the ultimate destination for you with its Marvellous Delicacies of Santorini.

Santorini has grown several unique masterpieces of taste

tasting-marvellous-delicacies-santoriniDue to its volcanic ground and the distinctive climate with the limited rainfall and the strong winds, Santorini has grown several unique masterpieces of taste and Marvellous Delicacies of Santorini. Tomataki is a special variety of medium-sized tomatoes that can only be found here. Has got intense flavor and rich fragrances. The locals use it in the famous Greek salad, as well as for tomato keftedes (round-shaped small bites based on tomato and fried). Of course, they also use them sundried for seasoning their salads and appetizers. Then, there is a fava that you ought to try out! Split peas have got an awesomely soft texture and are an exceptional source of protein for you. Topped with extra virgin olive oil, it is definitely a delight! Gastronomy would not be the same without caper and its spiced flavor. This is another ingredient widely used in Santorini, along with white eggplants. When it comes to beverages, the traditional vineyards and the wide variety of different kinds of stunningly delicious wine can speak much louder than words. Just have a taste of assyrtiko or finish your meal drinking Vinsanto or else the Holy Wine!

Prince Bar-Restaurant in Kamari: Marvellous Delicacies of Santorini

For a genuine experience of the absolute pleasure deriving from the culinary temptations of Santorini, you should visit Prince Bar-Restaurant in Kamari. Enjoy the purest ingredients that have made the island famous for its cuisine in combinations that will fascinate you and please even the most demanding palate. Have your pick among quality wines from the local producers and relish seafood and fish, straight from the Aegean. Exquisite menus will satisfy your appetite in the most spectacular manner!

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