We have collected 28 Santorini travel tips on everything about the island: Santorini travel tips about things to do, excursions and tours, transportation, and useful info about Greek culture.

Excursions & Tours Santorini Travel Tips

Excursions & Tours Santorini Travel Tips

It takes at least 3 full days to see the highlights and attractions of Santorini, so a relatively good stay is between 5 and 7 days.

The villages of Santorini that attract the most visitors are: Fira, the busy capital of the island, Firostefani (about 15 minutes walk from Fira) and Imerovigli (the highest point of the Caldera coast, about half hour walk from Fira) and the stunning and quite special village of Oia in the northern part of Santorini.

Visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thira, where you can see objects found in the ruins of Akrotiri.

Do not miss the chance to have a wine tasting tour in one of the many vineyards of the island, such as the Santo wines, Argyros estate, the Roussos winery and Boutari wineries.

Take advantage of the amazing beaches of the island for diving and snorkeling.

Kamari is located on the southeastern side of Santorini and is mainly appreciated and preferred for its beautiful and famous beach with its crystal clear waters and natural surroundings. In Kamari you should visit the church of Panagia Episkopi, built in 1100 and the church of Panagia Myrtidiotissa.

The volcanic beaches in Santorini are equally impressive. We would suggest to visit Perivolos and Vlychada at the southern tip of the island.

Perissa is also famous for its black sand beach, which includes many beach bars, but the most important is that you can visit the remnants of the Byzantine period, such as the church of Agia Irini or Santa Irini, which gave the real name Santorini on the island, the church of Timios Stavros (Holy Cross), one of the largest churches on the island and the Museum of Minerals and Fossils where you will discover wonderful minerals and fossils from Thira and the rest of Greece.

A trip that you will really enjoy is the hike from Fira to Oia (it’s not a difficult hike, but make sure you wear good shoes).

Driving to the highest point of the traditional village of Pyrgos where you can see the whole island from there, is also an excursion that will fascinate you.

From Oia, follow the steps to Ammoudi, and when you arrive, enjoy fresh seafood, views and sunset in a traditional tavern.

Follow the route to the lighthouse on the southwest tip of the island. From here you can have stunning views of the caldera, Fira, Oia and the entire west side of Santorini.

If you prefer to explore Oia or Fira, you should prefer the morning hours. Explore the picturesque streets in the morning, avoiding crowds, while enjoying the morning dew.

Choose an island trip with one of the many boats. A particularly beautiful option, since you can admire the beautiful Santorini from the sea. The view is just impressive.

Since Santorini is one of the least inhabited islands in the world, with an active volcano, you should not miss the scenery that surrounds it. You can also take a trip to the hot springs where you can swim.

Transport Santorini Travel Tips

Transport Santorini Travel Tips

The ways to get to Santorini are: direct flight to Santorini (from Europe mainly between April-November) or direct flight to Athens and then ferry boat to Santorini (5 hours to 8 hours hours) or direct flight from Athens to Santorini.

There are many ways you can move to Santorini. You can use taxi, rent a car or if you do not intend to search for fewer tourist spots on the island, go by local bus.

Santorini has quite good public transport. In the summer, however, buses are often crowded, and if you are in a hurry at that time, you must avoid them as crowds and traffic on the streets may make you arrive late in your destination. If you choose this mode of transport, you will definitely be financially lucrative as the price is unbeatable: about € 1.80 for a journey from Fira to Oia.

There are quite a few routes, one example being the distance between Oia and Fira, so you will need to rent a car. Prices vary, and it is definitely worth it!

If you want to have fun and experience an unprecedented experience then we recommend using the mules that will take you up or down the steep path leading to the old harbor.

General Santorini Travel Tips

General Santorini Travel Tips

The best time of year to visit Santorini depends on the objectives of your holiday. If you like fun and crowds, July and August are the months to choose from. If you want a quieter holiday, then better choose in June or September.

The climate of Santorini is hot in the summer (June to September), relatively warm in spring and autumn (March to May, October, November), while winter is mild and not particularly rainy.

Depending on your taste, food prices vary in Santorini. You will find a lot of cheap fast food selling round and sandwiches for about 4 euros for a meal. Cheap restaurants will cost about 9 EUR / person. A nice restaurant will cost about EUR 18 per person, and from there on there are luxurious restaurants and restaurants specializing in various cuisines whose prices are much higher.

August is the month that can cost you more, because of the crowd, your options are getting smaller. It’s almost impossible to find accommodation, restaurants are constantly crowded, bars, cafes and night clubs.

Greece is surrounded by the Mediterranean and its largest seas are the Ionian Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Cretan Sea. Santorini is an island of the Aegean Sea.

Greece is mostly inhabited by Orthodox Christians. There are more than 450 churches in Santorini!

Generally, there is no dress code on the island unless you plan to visit specific restaurants, bars and clubs of high standards. When visiting churches and monasteries, you must be dressed appropriately, which means that beach-style appearances are not allowed. A delicate jacket or a cardigan can be useful in the evenings.

Nudism is generally banned on organized beaches, but there are some secluded beaches to choose from.

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