The holidays are wrapping up and if you’re in Kamari, Santorini, you’re probably looking for something fun to do. The ideal location of Makris Hotel lets you discover all of the things to do in Kamari, Santorini featuring the famous black beach, private, wine and food tours, historic sites, and the underwater world.

Visit Ancient Thera

Things to Do in Kamari Santorini

The Ancient Thera was once a very important city in the area, being built at a height of 360 meters on Mount Messavouno. On the southeast coast of Santorini, Ancient Thira dates from the ninth century BC. The view is marvelous and you can observe the diverse selection of uncovered buildings and admire panoramic views of the caldera and the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. Ancient Thera located 365 m height from sea level on an authentic rocky hill dated before volcanic eruption in 17th century BC.

Ancient Thira, which was built on top of the Mesa Vouno hill by Dorian colonists in the 8th century BC, served from its foundation up to the end of ancient times as the civil, administrative, and religious center of the Thera city-state.

Today, Ancient Thira is open to the public (closed on Mondays) and can be reached on a winding road that starts at Kamari.

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Swim and relax to Kamari Beach

Swim and relax to Kamari Beach

Kamari beach is one of the most popular Santorini beaches. The beach is situated in Kamari village, 10km from Fira and about 3km from Santorini Airport. This beautiful black sandy beach, more than two kilometers long is the perfect resort for your Santorini holidays. A good number of taverns and cafes are situated along the beach and various sea sports are available, including a scuba diving center.

On Kamari beach, there is the famous black volcanic sand that certainly impresses at the water’s edge, and definitely make sure you visit Kamari when in Santorini for that alone.

Makris Hotel is just a breath away from Kamari beach, offering superb accommodation with all modern facilities!

View Photos from Kamari Beach

Watch a nice movie outdoor in the summertime at the local movie theater

Watch a nice movie outdoor in the summertime

Due to the popularity of this new type of entertainment, open-air cinemas started being created all over the country, with a unique type of architecture (some of which were designed by famous architects of the time) needing enough space for the screen and audience, toilets, and a bar for refreshments, and the projector room.

Open Air Cinema in Kamari is a small outdoor cinema (seats around 50 people) with a nice comfy and relaxing atmosphere.

Make sure to come early as it is full most of the time!

Read More on Kamari Open Air Cinema official website

Book a private tour in Santorini

Book a private tour in Santorini

Enjoy luxurious private tours to Santorini sights that reveal the past and the character of Santorini as a Greek island through time. Volcano, hot springs, Thirassia, Red Beach, White Beach, sunset to Oia, monasteries, picturesque villages with whitewashed houses, and all the other things that make Santorini a unique experience.

Private tours offer a wide range of sightseeing options in Santorini, including Oia, Firostefani, Imerovigli, Akrotiri, and more.

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Book a wine tour and taste the experience

Book a wine tour

Visit different Santorini wineries taste all the renowned wine styles and admire the charming landscape of Santorini as you move between of the most traditional wineries on the island in the countryside.

Learn about the wine history of the island, the native grapes, and the traditional and modern winemaking methods. A highlight of any Santorini trip!

Get Introduced to Perfectly Flavoured Wines Originating from Santorini

Book a food tour and enjoy all the facts about local gastronomy

Book a food tour

Santorini food tours offer popular Greek dishes with the help of a local chef, using fresh, local ingredients. Discover many wonderful local recipes and learn how to cook the melt-in-the-mouth Greek dishes!

The island of Santorini has a history of thousands of years to be proud of and its cuisine is equally impressive! Become familiar with the unique local products of Santorini and add them to the most surprisingly delicious combinations. Cook in an inspiring atmosphere, learning tips that you can implement in your own kitchen.

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Explore the underwater world with scuba and snorkeling

Explore the underwater world

Avid sea-lovers from around the world enjoy breath-taking dives in the crystal clear Aegean waters, of Kamari, Santorini, every year.

Kamari offers easy and quick access to all the great sites with dive-boats and most dive centers guarantee the best quality in both services and equipment.

Scuba diving and snorkeling is the perfect activity for those looking to try something new, it will open your eyes to new possibilities and give you a taste of how much fun it is to scuba dive!

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Book a day trip and discover the wonders of Santorini

Book a day trip and discover the wonders of Santorini

Santorini offers a wealth of things to do and places to explore by day. There are wonderful walks along the rim of the Caldera, some “must-do” boat excursions to be enjoyed, picturesque villages to discover, and archaeological sites giving a fascinating glimpse into the lives of ancient civilizations.

Planning Santorini Day Trips might seem challenging to first-time visitors in Santorini, so there are many services in Kamari that organize day trips and give you the chance to explore Santorini’s hidden gems and enjoy magnificent landscapes blending with history and architecture!

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Have great fun in Kamari beach using the latest equipment from the international range of water sports

Have great fun in Kamari beach

Various companies operating in Kamari and offer a wide range of water sports, with different kinds of activities. Coaches are fully trained and friendly, ready to advise you on safety but also guide you about the many ways you can have fun on the water!

Water sports is one of my favorite experiences in Kamari, Santorini. A must-do!

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