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Santorini Wine Adventure

Discover the most unique wineries and traditional cellars of the island through a unique tasting journey. The tour is amazing as informative and scenic while tasting wines that will surprise you!
In addition, guides will give you useful information about Santorini wine and be able to answer several questions.

The transportation to and from the wineries are comfortable and relaxing, and in itself is a scenic tour on Santorini island, while experienced sommeliers and wine experts will present you wines and will tell you about the unique vineyards of the island and for the grape varieties. The tasting is usually accompanied by local products like Cycladic cheese.

Private Custom Tour: Santorini in a Day

Explore the beauty of Santorini the way you want, with a private tour guide and just for you!
With a path that is tailored according to your needs and interests, you can choose destinations of Santorini and visit the cultural, historical and natural sights that interest you most.
Live your best moments in this beautiful island, with stunning natural scenery!
From beaches with black and red sand to the picturesque villages and incredible views of the caldera of Santorini.

Sunset Cruise

Plan a cruise to the volcano and see the magnificent sunset. Upon arrival at the volcano leads to explore the rim of the volcanic crater, where the volcanic layers are visible and the steep inner walls of the caldera.
A sunset cruise in Santorini is one of the main attractions of the island and recommended for friends, families, romantic couples or couples who wish to enjoy the hidden treasures of the island and enrich their memory with the sunset in Oia.

Volcano Hiking

This is an excursion that combines many of the most exciting aspects of the island: the volcano, the hot springs and the unparalleled views.
Santorini is a great island, formed after an enormous volcanic explosion that destroyed its culture and leading to the creation of the caldera. Some even believe that Santorini is the famous lost city of Atlantis – the mythical land that sank into the sea without leaving a trace.
In the top of the volcano, you can smell the sulfur and see the smoke emerging. Around the rim of the crater, there are configuration tools by scientists of the Institute for the Study and Monitoring of the Santorini Volcano to measure and monitor the volcano’s activity.

Explore Santorini on Horseback

Experience the thrill of horse riding in Santorini and explore through the paths, unique places with breathtaking landscapes that will offer you unforgettable memories.
The horse riding combines sport with entertainment and is an activity that attracts beginners and experienced riders. Therefore, skilled riders of the organizers of the tour, is always nearby, ensuring a safe outcome.
The groups are usually kept small, in four to five people, in order to ensure the best experience for everyone, and you can also schedule a private tour with horses (ideal for couples). Inexperienced riders are informed about what to do and what not, while all participants have the time to familiarize themselves with their horses before starting.

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